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Hi, I'm Victor, a full time indie game developer!

I've been using Godot 2019 and I released my first game Dashpong in October, 2022.

I do YouTube videos about gamedev and games I create on this channel and I also have dedicated to Godot.

Before Godot, I was a software engineer! I graduated with an embedded software degree in 2019.

Work with me

If you're interested to work with me, both in gamedev or for YouTube, send me an email at You can also directly book calls or ask for a prototype on Kofi

You can now support my work through Patreon and get early access to videos, source code for the games I create, voting power, etc... But if you want one time donation, head over to Kofi!



Cool stuff

Sometimes, I come across cool stuff on the internet and I don’t want to keep it for myself (how generous!), so here’s a list of interesting/cool stuff!