10 awesome addons for Godot 4

10 awesome addons for Godot 4

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I’ve done multiple videos about awesome addons for Godot, but never specifically for Godot 4! I finally decided to do it, and you can watch the video below 👇

I thought making the list available in text form would also be a great idea, and that’s why I’m making this post, so let’s start!

1 - Constraint Solving

Constraint solving

Let’s start with Constraint Solving by AlexeyBond, an addon to calculate wave function collapse and generic constraint solving.

Procedural generation is very popular and for a good reason: it’s super cool. While there are a lot of tutorials on the subject, it can be a bit daunting to get your hands dirty with such algorithms.

That’ where this addon comes into play. It supports both Tilemap and flat Gridmap, backtracking, multithreading and a generic implementation of a constraint solving algorithm! It’s even capable of learning from an example of a valid map, that’s pretty cool.

Map example

2 - Deformable Mesh

Deformable mesh

Deformable Mesh by cloudofoz is an amazing 3D addon allowing you to bend and deform meshes using a sphere.

You customize your deformer, add a DeformableMeshInstance and you’re ready to deform any mesh. From the examples, you can see how useful it can be to animate limbs, or other objects as if something was going through it. I love seeing more cool 3D addons like that for Godot.

3 - Wiggle bone

Wiggle bone

Continuing with cool 3D stuff, Wigglebone by detomon, allows you to create cool wiggly movement to any bones of a Skeleton3D. It reacts to animated and global motion. Movement looks very natural as its reacting to acceleration. You have a bunch of properties to setup the movement to what you like, so don’t wait and make your bones wiggle!

4 - WigglyAppendage2D

Wiggly appendage 2D

Wiggly Appendage 2D by Tameno-01 is similar to the previous addon we’ve seen but for 2D this time. It has more ways of controlling the wigglyness though and can also be used for longer things like tails, ropes, etc…

It can handle lots of different movement types, be scaled and even flipped, pretty cool stuff!

5 - Third person camera

Third person camera

Let’s go back to 3D with Third Person Camera by JeanKouss. Let’s be real, a good camera is essential for a good game, but it can be extremely painful to implement, especially a third person one. Thankfully, this addon gives you a quick start with a camera you can rotate, put closer or further away, with angle limits, etc…

6 - Auto Layout

Auto layout

I know most of you don’t like UI, but thanks to Auto Layout by don-tnowe, arranging your node into container has never been easier. If you’re familiar with Figma’s auto layout feature, you’ll be glad to see it arrive in Godot. It’s super easy to use, select the nodes you want and hit shift+A, it automatically put your nodes into a container and by keeping pressing A you switch between multiple layout types. There’s even a small popup showing you the layout type you’re using. Super simple, yet very effective.

7 - Panku Console

Panku console

Talking about things we don’t like, debugging is up there. Thanks to PankuConsole by Ark2000, this will not be the case anymore!

Panku is a real time debugging toolkit for Godot with which you can interact with your scripts and objects at runtime. One of the coolest feature is the multi window UI you can use, allowing you to make use of this 4 screens setup you were struggling to justify. Other that that, you can create a developer console, a logging window, a data controller that automatically put all your export var into a neat window, an expression monitor and much more! Because it’s modular, you can even add or remove features as you see fit.

8 - Mirror


Mirrors are pretty cool and that’s why we look at Mirror by Norodix. To be honest, they’re not that hard to create, but it’s always good to have a simple addon making things faster for you. This one is just a mirror you can drop into your game, with the ability to set the tint, size, visual layers and distortion.

9 - RL agents

RL agents

RL agents by edbeeching is an addon to bridge the gap between your game and machine learning algorithms made in Python. It supports 3 reinforcement learning frameworks, 2D and 3D gamers and diverse AI sensors to use with your agent. This can be especially interesting for researchers, students or developers wanting to create ML based agents. There’s even a paper to read more about this project.

10 - Inventory system

Inventory system

And the last addon of this list is Inventory System by expressobits. Making a great inventory system can be a pain, but thanks to this addon, you’ll be able to have a clean one in seconds. You have an inventory with slots, a craft system, a hotbar, separate UI inventory logic and much more.

This feels like a very complete tool to get you started making awesome games.

Thank you for reading!

And with that, we finished this list of 10 awesome addons for Godot 4. Share with me other addons you like and other topics you’d like to me to cover.

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