Initial commit: Hello world!

Initial commit: Hello world!

- 4 mins

Hello world

With the recent events on Twitter and the huge amount of people migrating to other social media, my will to resurrect my personal website grew so big that I finally decided to do it!

I used to have a website and a blog unrelated to gamedev. When I switched career, I abandoned it, but I kept the domain name and the website up for a while. I recently switched to fiber optics and my new internet box doesn’t support dynamic DNS out of the box, so I abandoned hosting my website completely. I looked online for a bit, and found this cool Jekyll Theme. Using GitHub pages is much easier for me as I don’t want to spend the time hosting my own stuff for now.

Anyway, all of that to say that this is my new website/blog! I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do with it, but at least it will serve as a display for my work. The blog part might be useful for when I want to talk about stuff and it’s too long for Twitter and I don’t want to do a YT video about it.

I don’t have much more to say, so I’m going to try some of these theme’s features below :) Byyye

I can link to parts of the article, that’s cool!

Below, there’s a separator, pretty cool :)

Important stuff

I can make you feel stuff is important by highlighting it!

You might think that this is important because it highlighted. Probably something you should remember or write down, who knows.

Images are good

I can put images next to text to grab your attention. Let’s face it, text only is boring! That’s probably why I don’t read much books…

Alt Text
Photo by John Doe

The thing is, I don't have anything to say. Also, I'm lazy, so I didn't even take the time to change the default picture...

Of course, it’s possible to do the opposite, with Text on the left and Image on the right. I don’t need to show you, you get the idea.

Another divider

The line divider was cool, but I can also use another fancy one. Look at it, it’s beautiful!


Imagine I’m talking about something sensitive or I’m trying to spoil something in a game! That would be horrible right? Well, it might not be the case, but that’s not the point.

This is a spoiler and because society doesn't like them, I must hide it. But you, YOU are different and you don't care about spoilers. So you slowly put your cursor over what was a pale yellow rectangle seconds ago to reveal this text. You made the right choice. The choice to reveal what was hidden. And now what? Do you regret? Probably. At least know you know what was hidden.

Nerd stuff

I’m a nerd and you too, probably. Being a nerd online is cool because I can share my cool nerd things and you might enjoy them. Sometimes, I’m writing code worth sharing (rarely), and I can display it directly here! MAGIC.

Enjoy my most popular gist.

Moving pictures

I have two YouTube channels, and on my main one, I talk about gamedev, create games and stuff.

I could share with you my most viewed video, but I don’t think it’s the best one. If I really think about it, I don’t know what is my best one. What is “best” anyway?

So, here’s my latest video at the time of writing this. It’s probably the most important video (for now) and for me, because I reflected on the mistakes I’ve made while creating my first game. You know that making mistakes is good for progress. Facing them and understanding why you made them is probably even more important.

Other stuff

There are other things you can do like share Codepen and Slideshare stuff, but I don’t need that personally. If you’re interested, checkout this theme on Github.

Thank your for reading this far. Honestly, you should probably be doing something else though…



Full-time indie game developer using Godot!

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